Karnataka Govt is again out to collect life time road tax…

One just does not understanding the way things work in India. The central govt and some state govts are busy telling us about virtues of Make in India/Digitial India etc. The mango man is being asked to give up all kinds of subsidies and pay all its taxes. Big talks are on regarding GST and how it will streamline things. There are talks of service tax being further raised to 16% in the upcoming budget to bring the tax rate in line with future GST rate.

However, on the other hand State governments like Karnataka are completely undoing all these ideas. After being quiet on collection of life time road tax from Non-Karnataka registered cars, the State government is again whipping those who have not paid. The cars and driving licences are being impounded. RTO (Road Transport officers) officers have become demi-gods telling people they should know the rules.Really?

Worst is the government has made no effort whatsoever to inform the people via newspapers and other social media forms. People had petitioned against the tax and there was a stay order in Jan 2015. The stay order was vacated in June 2015 and covered only in select dailies. The government has not taken any effort whatsoever of informing the people of paying up else car/licence shall be impounded. All they do is just stop and impound the cars. On saying we did not know of this tax, they simply tell people you should be informed. But where does one get the information? They say one should visit the RTO office and know the rules! They also say one should pay the tax voluntarily!!

The more important question is why should anyone pay life time tax another time when it is already paid on registration? One can still figure an annual tax but lifetime? And anyways people pay taxes in all other forms including one on petrol.

In cities like Bangalore, we have such a large migrant population where IT workers come from all across the country. Given Bangalore’s pathetic public transport one has little choice but rely on his/her vehicle from other state. And he/she could be quickly transferred  to some other state as well. After all IT industry is all about mobility. So, all a person should do is keep visiting RTOs and keep paying life time taxes in other states. One could spend more in taxes than the cost of the vehicle. We are told one can collect refunds for the same on transfer. Have the officials themselves figured about difficulty of the process? Even getting one’s impounded papers takes quit a bit of time. It is complete chaos.

There also seems to be no exception for students as well. How will they pay these taxes?

The idea of a road tax especially for Bangalore is a joke itself. Tax for what? Bangalore’s roads? Where are the roads here? It should be labelled instead as lifetime tax for surviving the blackholes on the roads. Instead of we paying the tax, the govt should pay us for the kind of roads we survive on a daily basis. What about the lives of quite a few which have been lost on these roads despite paying  all such taxes?

We are having several Invest campaigns going on across many states including Karnataka. Hope the govt is telling the investors that the workers coming from outside Karnataka will have to pay life time road tax as well.

It is a pity that several of Karnataka’s top corporate leaders are so obsessed with GST and all kinds of fancy policies. No one talks about all these atrocious tax collecting drives which effect their workers. I am told RTO officers get inside offices of companies and impound out of state cars..

The governments just seem to be wooing international and domestic investors and shooing the residents..

2 Responses to “Karnataka Govt is again out to collect life time road tax…”

  1. UjwalAndhra Says:

    Sad state of affairs.

  2. Sanu Says:

    Pathetic is an understatement… All the statements of being lucky to have born in India is a myth. The politicians and the government officials completely work towards make the lives of the middle class people miserable. Right from Birth to death we pay tax for everything, from food, entertainment, property, vehicles etc… The “ache din” government is camouflaging the increase in taxes by show casing the progress in other things which does not make any difference to the middle class.Over and above taxes we are also the victims the bribes across government offices. With what ever little hard earned money every month, we end up paying close to 45% – 50% as taxes. I feel it is a curse to have born in India… the faith one would have the norms is all gone in the wind

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