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Nexus between Indian industrialists and banks comes a full circle..

March 8, 2016

History is both intriguing and refreshing. How things keep rhyming if not repeating is quite something.

There is a lot of discussion on rising NPAs in Indian banks and how some large corporates have openly defaulted as if nothing has happened. This has led to the allegation that banks and industray have been too close  for India’s comfort.

The problem has obviously been limited to public sector banks which itself is a question worth exploring. Capturing of banks by industry should have been much easier for private sector banks. Why should it be public sector banks which were ironically nationalised to fight this very issue that Indian industry controlled Indian banks?

Let us take a short snapshot of history of industrial organisation in India.


Russia’s demographic puzzle – falling birth rates and rising death rates…

March 8, 2016

A note by Guillaume Vandenbroucke on Russia;’s demographic profile. 

Russia is one of those countries whose death rates has been rising for quite some time now:


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