Using social media to protest against privatisation..

IDBI Bank staff has taken onto social media big time to protest against privatisation of the bank. First they protested on their intranet blog which was blocked. Now they have taken onto twitter and planning a mass protest day:

IDBI Bank employees have decided to put to best use the online and offline platforms to sustain their campaign against the Centre’s move to dilute stake in the bank.

The employees, under the ‘IDBIans against privatisation’ banner, have decided to observe a ‘Twitter Maha Login’ on Saturday and Sunday. As part of this campaign, every employee will make a minimum of 100 tweets on each of the two days using the hashtag #saveidbibank.

This hashtag had ranked among the top five trending on Sunday last when employees and family members took en masse to Twitter after the intranet blog that they used to post comments was shut out. The blog has since been reopened, say sources in the United Forum of IDBI Bank Employees and Officers Association, and has started witnessing some traction again.

The sources said the Maha Login day is a take-off on an internal sales campaign that the management runs from time to time to enlist business from employees. Under this, they are required to canvas a fixed number of new account openings and sales of insurance and other banking products on a given day. The employees will now mimic this programme to generate tweets against the Centre’s move to privatise the bank, the sources said. The United Forum is holding intensive consultations with peer groups to decide on holding a two-day strike towards the end of the month, coinciding with the close of the financial year.

Meanwhile, the management has warned employees of disciplinary action against misuse of the internal mail exchange system and other means of official communication to drive up their campaign.

From Arab spring to IDBI spring..


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