Six mistakes of TinyOwl, the blue-eyed start-up child,,

How familiar is this story of Tinyowl to the several startups in dotcom phase at the start of the 21st century.

The author lists six mistakes the firm made. The blog would say it was just one- refusal to learn from history and think “This time is different”.

All these technologies linked to food markets eventually disappoint whereas age old dabba system just runs fine. One obvious reason is lack hype in latter where thousands of dabbawallas provide food across corners of Mumbai with minimal capital and  fuss. Whereas with most of these food technology firms, it is about just hype – of the idea, of its promoters and their fancy background , the VC partners names and so on.

Media is to be blamed as well which can never figure this history bit. They take you up in no time and bring you down in no time as well..

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