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The tough story of Suresh Raina’s rise in Cricket world..

March 16, 2016

Earlier Indian cricket team mostly comprised of people from top cities (mainly Mumbai). Yes there was struggle but there were atleast some opportunities for them to play in big cities and be counted.

In recent times, one is seeing cricketers emerge from all kinds of places. There have been some poignant stories of such cricketers  – Ravindra Jadeja, Munaf Patel, Ajinkya Rahane (from Mumbai though but lot of struggle) etc.

Here is another one on Suresh Raina. A stirring tale of how he managed to survive all those attacks in UP and rise to play cricket for India..

A Maritn Crowe moment for NZ cricket..

March 16, 2016

The inaugaral match of World T20 2016 between India and NZ started with paying a tribute to the former NZ captain who passed away recently.

And there could not have been a better way to pay tribute to the New Zealand great Martin Crowe. For those who remember the 1992 WC, the first match was between NZ and Australia. Australia was a brimming favorite to win the tournament and lost the first match to its neighbour. In that match, Crowe the captain opened the bowling with Dipak Patel which was such an innovation back then.

In a sublime rhyming of history, NZ sprang the same surprises on India. It chose three spinners and left out all its premier fast bowlers. The three spinners were also relatively unknown faces like Dipak Patel.

This one is even better. Beating India on a spinning Indian track is like crazy. Moreover, it is spin which has actually been the weakness of NZ for a long time. India has struggled against spin in test matches recently but to see this in T20 was a surprise.

Good stuff from NZ. The spunk remains after McCullum’s retirement. Crowe would be really proud to see this..

Rise and fall of Mallya empire..

March 16, 2016

Nice summary here.

It is such a typical story of spectacular rise and fall seen in so many businesses. Usually you see such decline across generations when gains made by first generation are squandered by subsequent ones living lavishly. That it happened in one generation is a testimony of how lavish the whole thing was.

Not very long ago, the protagonist was both darling of corporate world and the media. Now all things have turned just the opposite.

Infact, this is a very interesting question of business history.  Why certain business which start as family affairs last generations whereas others just fritter away after showing some promise (in this case just one generation perhaps). I think somewhere down the line it is this family code written somewhere of not taking things for granted and live as simple as possible. Stay away from all kinds of publicity and flash.

Every business has ups and downs. In a down cycle it is much easier for the non flashy businesses to survive as one is away from limelight and can restructure.

In case of Mallya this option is not just available. A friend commented that there must be so many who owe more than Mallya to the banks but no one really talks about them. The one in the media becomes an easy scapegoat as people have seen riches being spent just too easily.

The last thing one needs is a brilliant leader – let markets/democracy take over..

March 16, 2016

Two articles – one from US context and another from Indian context. Both say one should not really hope/wish for a strong/brilliant leader. What we should instead hope is allowing the system to work. In US article, system is the market and in Indian case, it is its democracy.

India’s case:


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