Everywhere and anytime power cuts in Bangalore

This blog is nearly sock of writing on woes of Bangalore. Though, administration in the city is not sick yet and keeps surprising people. The blog is nearing three years of living in this city and is amazed to see a steady deterioration in this city’s life.

One thing is certain. If there is any news etc saying better days ahead, one should surely discount it. But if there are warnings over worse days coming ahead, one should  not just be prepared but add more premium to it meaning it could be a lot worse.

Seeing power cuts in Bangalore in winters, some reports suggested expect worse in summers. It is not just worse but a lot worse than imagined.

The power cuts are not just many times more but completely random.

It can happen anytime of the day and night. You could have ended the day with random cuts and hoping for a good night sleep. Not to be. The power authorities ensure nights are as powerless as the day. In a great show of equality, power was even shut-off during recent assembly which brought both hope and despair to people.

Earlier, people could sleep wothout power. Not anymore Bangalore is also going through the hottest summer in decades and the cool air which was the hallmark of this city has disappeared as if it never existed.

As if this was not enough, the power bills are expected to zoom as well. No power and more bills as well.

Completely clueless state of affairs in a city and state. It is a matter of time before people and companies start relocating elsewhere. Perhaps, this is something the State govt wants as well. How else do you explain such callous attitude towards basic things. The city has no water, tons of garbage, terrible roads (yet a lifetime car tax for other state cars) and now electricity woes getting worse and worse…

The start up city is just shutting down…


One Response to “Everywhere and anytime power cuts in Bangalore”

  1. AS Says:

    Companies relocating elsewhere….HAHAHA

    As long the white masters get a steady supply of cheap third world coolies, they are going nowhere. Power-cuts, stinking piles of garbage, potholed roads, who cares? After all the white masters do not live here.

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