WhatsApp in Brazil Is much more than just a messaging tool..

Fernanda Saboia (senior product strategist at digital agency Huge in Rio de Janerio) has an interesting article.

He points how Brazilians have taken onto Whatsapp in a big way. The high sms charges were one of the reasons for this:

For most people in Brazil, texting was never truly accessible. The cost of SMS in the country was as much as 55 times more than in North America and far too expensive for most residents. So when the messaging service WhatsApp entered the market, in 2009, allowing users to send messages to anyone for free and regardless of their mobile carrier, people gravitated toward the platform. Today, 96% of Brazilians with access to a smartphone use WhatsApp as their primary method of communication.

WhatsApp was originally marketed as an app with one purpose: messaging. It is still regarded as such in most parts of the world, where it competes alongside apps such as Slack, Telegram, Skype, and Facebook’s own Messenger (and remember Facebook owns WhatsApp). But in Brazil WhatsApp has become something much bigger than a chat app: a one-stop solution for everyone, from small businesses to government agencies, to manage everything, from transactions to relationships. It has changed how users expect to interact with companies and brands online, and it is forcing firms to use messaging to fulfill customer expectations.

Despite low sms charges in India, whatsapp has nearly killed the sms market. Why even pay that much..

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