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Niti Aayog Internship – 2016

April 22, 2016

Have been noticing quite a few searches for Nitit Aayog internship on this blog.

Here is the 2016 notice/advertisement. Deadline for application is 30 Apr 2016. The applications started this week on 18 April 2016. So rush in your applications and pass on the word.

As caste lines blur, Iyengar bakery owners fight for survival and brand in Bangalore

April 22, 2016

Sandeep Moudgal has a great piece on the topic. How certain castes/communities come to being associated with certain products and then how they keep looking at ways to revive and stay in competition. It just makes for a great reading.

Iyengars that run bakery shops in Bangalore are one such community. They migrated from Hassan and started bakeries across the city:


Sebi flags concern on brokers shutting shop..

April 22, 2016

This is an interesting piece of news. Given the noise on how Indian equity markets will reach new highs in future (the noise is not anything new BTW), one would imagine the equity players doing well. But one hardly sees this.

Look at most market players around – investment banks, mutual funds etc all seem to be bleeding and exiting. Most small players in these various sub-markets are shutting shop and in MF industry we have seen big MNC players exiting the space.

Broking industry is joining the exiting game as well:


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