Niti Aayog Internship – 2016

Have been noticing quite a few searches for Nitit Aayog internship on this blog.

Here is the 2016 notice/advertisement. Deadline for application is 30 Apr 2016. The applications started this week on 18 April 2016. So rush in your applications and pass on the word.

10 Responses to “Niti Aayog Internship – 2016”

  1. Priyanka Says:

    How do we know the dates of commencing of internships?
    It’s not on the website.
    Can you help please

    • Amol Agrawal Says:

      Priyanka please read carefully. It says the internship period is 18 Apr to 30 Apr..

      • Priyanka Says:

        The application period was 18-30 April. My question was about the commencing of internships ie. The time when it will start. But it’s already done so no issues now.

    • shivam Says:

      Can you please tell when does the internship starts and how are selected candidates informed

  2. Sid Says:

    I completed my pg so can I apply for the internship? Or only those who are currently pursuing?

  3. Kavya Munduri Says:

    The website doesn’t provide information about the internship dates, can you help me with that?

  4. astha Says:

    What is the selection criteria for the NITI aayog internship anyway?

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