Internship Program of Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance – 2016-17

The notice is here. Last date is 15th June 2016. A good opportunity to work at Ministry of Finance.

All these internships are highly welcome. Earlier there were no such things and required all kinds of contacts (called jugaad) to even get a glimpse, leave getting any such projects.

Though, I don’t understand why these internship programs from one ministry comes across multiple press releases. They should make it all consistent. A couple of months back there was one press release from DEA which the blog missed. Now DEA has declared the results.

The Finance Ministry could easily streamline this whole thing and make it free of memory. Just have one period to invite applications for all ministry departments and declare results together as well. Something like every Ist of April a press release could come inviting applications and results out by 15th May or so.  This will eventually get internalised and help many students who look forward to such opportunities during their summer break.

Anyways, just pass it on..


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