Three alternatives to become edcauted without chasing academic degrees..

Brian Ogstad has a piece on this.

I often ask myself, “If I could do it all over again, would I go to college?”

Most of the time my answer is a resounding no. The only reason I ever respond with a yes is that I love to teach economics at the college level and to speak and write about markets and liberty; but the gatekeepers would never let me “in” without a degree: a piece a paper draping me with legitimacy.

If it’s the education alone you value, you don’t have to go to college to get it. Learning can be had for free. If it is the shroud of legitimacy you seek, then who am I to tell you not to go? If your heart is set on a certain profession, and the gatekeepers of that profession demand certification, then go ahead and chase that paper.

For example, you can’t practice as a medical doctor without a college degree and state licensing approval. Otherwise, you shouldn’t just mindlessly ride the conveyor belt to ever more schooling. Here are three alternatives to the academic paperchase.

I am sure amny of us would agree and say no. Some might add they would love to go back to college but do completely different things than they did under peer and family pressure.

One just wishes we could move beyond academic degrees and value the person’s knowhow minus the degree. Tell me what you know should be the basis and not where are you from for judging people. It is amazing to see how people who have never been to engineering school know so much about machines and technology. Infact, they are the actual engineers who fix these things. Most engineers rarely practice the profession after getting the degree.

This is true for other professions as well. One does come across people who have far better sense of economics despite never studying a word of economics during college. As a blogger one can also confidently say that one can learn more economics by simply reading and noticing things off the usual books. But one has to still attend college just to prove that he/she knows these things whereas the reality could just be opposite..

5 Responses to “Three alternatives to become edcauted without chasing academic degrees..”

  1. Piyush jain Says:

    As a college going student agree with you sir..cause instead of being completing my last year..I like reading a lot about economics….Thanks for writing in such a great blog.

  2. Daily SG: 27 May 2016 – The Singapore Daily Says:

    […] – Mostly Economics: Three alternatives to become edcauted without chasing academic degrees.. […]

  3. DOE Administrator Says:

    Hi, can I ask for your permission to reproduce this post on our education portal Explicit mention shall be made of the fact it first appeared on your site. Hope to hear from you again:)

  4. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi, Sure you can post it. But I am hardly the original author. This is where it appeared

    I just linked the same and added my comments. So it will be better if you ask the author at FEE…

  5. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Thanks a lot Piyush for the kind words. Hope we can have more education without the degrees…

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