India Post to deliver Gangajal at your doorstep

This is an interesting initiative from the government. As India post struggles to deliver usual post on time, we are looking at different ways to keep the entity going:

The Jharkhand circle of India Post will soon deliver “pure Ganga jal” on your doorstep and is getting ready to sign an agreement with a Hardwar-based firm

The service will be available in all districts and each container of holy water will come with India Post sticker for authentication. “The process of signing the contract is on. We have invited expression of interest from three private firms. We will sign the contract only with a reputed firm after we verify its credentials,” said Anil Kumar, post master general (mails and Business development), Jharkhand circle.

The holy water is sold in containers in local markets here, but not all are from Hardwar. Acharya Ravi Shashtri, a priest, said it is a challenge to get “real Ganga jal”, an important component in puja paraphernalia, anywhere in the state.

“The Ganga jal containers (sold in the state) are not sealed. Also, not all are sold by reputed firms in Hardwar,” Shashtri said.

Though the Ganga passes through Sahebganj district, but its water is very dirty. “The water collected near the source of the river is usually pure and used for religious purposes. Our aim is to deliver that pure water to people of Jharkhand,” India Post’s Kumar said, adding that work would begin in a week.

An e-commerce engine connected to India Post will be subsequently launched to help consumers place order of purchase online. “We hope to make it fully functional before the festive season begins,” Kumar said. A consumer can pay on delivery or online.

The gangajal will be available in the containers of 90ml to 350 ml and will cost Rs 10 to 25. “The rate on which we have decided includes both the cost of the water, packaging and transport. The price will be far less than the open market,” Kumar said.

Asked why a government institute like India Post has taken such an initiative, Kumar said, “The idea is based on demand and supply of the holy water and is driven by pure business proposition. It has nothing to do with any particular faith. Anyone can buy Ganga jal. It will be convenient for people and the department will earn revenue.”

Apparently, India post delivered water from Godavari previous year as well. At that time too, there were talks of Gangajal being next. This blog missed this last year..

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