A database on SAARC economies and how knowhow is shared..

I was surfing through RBI’s Database on Indian economy and came across this link on the homepage: SAARCFINANCE Database.

As I clicked on it, it looked really similar to the RBI’s DBIE. On a closer look at the url, I realised that this database is indeed developed and managed by RBI itself. What is also interesting is that tables here are arranged and presented as RBI does in Indian economy database as well.  So, for an RBI database user, one is really comfortable downloading and seeing the files.

Even more interesting is how knowhow is shared and transmitted across countries. There is little doubt that India has to take the lead in all such developments. They may look soft but are really important in their own ways.

India is a much larger economy in SAARC forum and has to take the burden. India has been doing this actively in the past. Take a look at economy reports prepared by Sri Lanka and one can see similarities to Indian ones easily. One has seen Indian financial companies hosting similar companies from these member countries.

For most of the other member economies, getting and maintaining even simple things like economic data must be quite a task.  So such databases are interesting where one can gets updated data on small economies. All they have to do is send the data which will be maintained at India’s end.  Win win.

So, there is one place where a person can get basic economic data on SAARC economies. Hope it remains updated..

I just did take a look at few files. It is interesting to see how economics has been moving in South Asian region..

2 Responses to “A database on SAARC economies and how knowhow is shared..”

  1. mudit Says:

    the saarc link does not work.. tried a few times. any idea?

  2. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Hi MUdit,

    Thanks for this. I just checked and DBIE itself not opening. So, one will have to wait a little more I guess..

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