How does Karachi produce its jugaadu batters?

Superb piece by Ahmer Naqvi in June 2016 Cricket Monthly.

Jugaadu basically means Cheeky, tough and masters of improvisation. The question is how does Karachi produce the batsmen it does?

This type of batsman isn’t unique to Pakistan, but the Pakistanis who fit it are most likely to be from Karachi. Think of Moin Khan and, to some extent, Rashid Latif. Before them, Asif Mujtaba, and well before them Mushtaq Mohammad and Asif Iqbal, and between them the man who fleshed out the prototype himself, Javed Miandad.

What they had in common was a non-traditional, lateral approach to finding solutions. They looked to generate new ideas. The question was whether this capacity was in some way linked to the city they all hailed from – was there something about growing up in Karachi that conditioned their response? Perhaps this was romanticism – trying to find a reflection of the city I was born in within the game that I loved. But it seemed relevant that when one thought of, for example, the reverse sweep, the advent of proactive running, or counterintuitive strategies, there was always a someone from Karachi involved.

The key to all this is thinking about survival all the time whether in real life or on the pitch. Appeals especially to those fans who have seen their teams (mostly India of course) being outplayed by jugadus..

Great read..


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