Capitalism led to advent of the Modern Housewife

The blog posted earlier on how capitalism aided in modern motherhood and help women get rid of burden of laundry

BK Marcus has another post (bringing debates from cold war era) showing how capitalism helped the modern woman in a big way:

The era of the suburban housewife marked a transition in Western history. Women had always been responsible for managing their homes. That was true throughout the world and across political and economic systems. The advent of the modern housewife was the result of greater wealth and leisure, as was women’s growing freedom to accept or reject the role, well before the 1950s.

Khrushchev portrayed Nixon as the cultural reactionary, “and perhaps,” as Wilson comments, “he was partly right about this.”

Maybe the American politician was condescending toward women. So, too, may have been the individual capitalists whose products were on display at Nixon’s exhibition. But the economic system that produced those goods functions with or without regressive attitudes, and by 1959, it had produced an unprecedented level of wealth and freedom for everyone — women in particular.

If we can look back, over half a century later, and take exception to the fine points of what was then presented as progress, that’s only because commerce and enterprise continue to afford us — men and women, both — ever more options to pursue our own liberation.

Something surely discussing about. Economics after all comes from the word Oikonomis which means management of the house. How have development in economics shaped the house? Has it made things better? In what ways?

Leave all the noise about macro and micro.  This kind of work could be a really exciting reading…


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