Announcing The Indic Bloggers Awards! Upto Rs 1 Lakh In Prizes!

Someone is atleast valuing and acknowledging the blogging community in India.

Swarajya, in association with Indic Academy has announced the annual Indic Blogger Awards. There are four categories for nomination – social issues, economics, political analysis and culture:

The award aims to identify and encourage the otherwise uncelebrated blogging community in India. While choosing the nominees, we will look for bloggers who have passionately and consistently taken up specific causes and written regularly over a period of at least twelve months on their blogs.

In order to qualify for the nominations, bloggers must have written at least six entries/posts in the last twelve months and they may nominate any three posts for the Swarajya panel to evaluate their blog(s)..

The jury will look for entries that have clarity in writing and thought, good presentation and consistency while retaining the informality and joie de vivre that so deeply characterises the blogging spirit. We will also be platform neutral – bloggers may have used any digital blogging medium, including, for example, Instagram. Bloggers in all major Indian languages are welcome to nominate their blogs for the awards.

The mission of Indic Academy looks promising:

About Indic Academy

Indic Academy is a school for thinkers who aim to preserve, protect and promote Indic civilizational thought, culture and values. It seeks to act as an enabler for these thinkers to discover, nurture and express their potential.

Mission 2020 by 2020:

Indic Academy has set itself a target of acting as an enabler to 2020 thinkers by the year 2020. For achieving its goals, Indic Academy classifies thinkers into two kinds (a) Indic Scholars and (b) Indic Public Intellectuals. By the year 2020, Indic Academy aims to enable:

  • Enrollment of and research by 1010 students and scholars.
  • Single or multi step transformation of 1010 Public Intellectuals from social media activism to blogging, writing columns & books or becoming PhDs or Self made scholars in their chosen area of interest.

Spread the word. Let there be many nominations.


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