How to become a Bubble Finance Trader

The last thing one would like to put on this blog is tips to make money in stocks etc. But this bit from David Stockman is interesting. He is a big critic of today’s macro policies. He is one of those Washington insiders who has become a big critic of the nexus of Wall Street and Washington.

So, now he sees a big bust in US economy and has designed a trading program to help make money of this upcoming mess:

Dear reader,

Now that the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates, we’ve reached a major turning point. One that will change the course of financial markets. That’s why David believes it’s urgent you take action now. In short, we’re facing the end of what David calls “The bubble finance era.” That means…

  • Most popular income plays will be crushed…
  • People will lose their jobs as the economy enters recession…
  • The housing market will plunge again as mortgage rates head higher…
  • The stock market will crash…
  • Oil and commodity prices will plummet…
  • An unprecedented deflation will sweep across the global economy…
  • Causing widespread defaults and bankruptcies…
  • And much, much more.

But David doesn’t believe that means you have to suffer. In fact, he believe this one of the best times for you to make money. And we’re confident his Bubble Finance Trading strategy is the best way for you to do it. And remember, the most lucrative gains are still to come as the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates.

We’ve done all the hard work for you. David has made the bubble finance trading strategy as simple as possible, saving you time and energy.

Well that is some in your face marketing telling how to make money when the world is crashing…


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