Bangalore vs Hyderabad tussle moves to zoos..

Bangalore is not just losing investments/MNCs to Hyderabad due to its ever decking infrastructure, it is losing its prospecive zoo animals as well.

The tussle between Bengaluru and Hyderabad never ends. Be it important IT projects, or foreign dignitaries, the city finds itself in a losing battle more often than not. And now, apparently, its dream of having a giraffe is over, all thanks to Hyderabad.

The Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP) has been desperately hoping to see a giraffe in its menagerie for the last four years. But its last hope was recently dashed after Mysuru zoo backtracked on its promise to handover a calf because it wanted to barter them for a chimpanzee from the Hyderabad zoo. Confirming the development, BBP deputy director Lingaraju said: “We have received an official communication from the Mysuru zoo recently saying they can’t give us a giraffe. We are in such a situation that none of the Indian zoos have giraffes [to spare] and we may have to go out of the country in search of the animal.”

BBP had made an agreement with Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens (or, the Mysuru zoo) to get one. A two-year-old calf (born to Khushi, 6,) was marked for the handover. Mysuru zoo had seven. (Previously, Khushi had delivered a female calf named Lakshmi, which was ‘adopted’ by Anil Kumble.)

The Zoo Authority of Karnataka (ZAK) gave its go-ahead for the transfer in October 2012, but somehow the conditions were never favourable for the actual transfer. In February 2013, when preparations were finally made, the model code of conduct for the assembly elections, and later for the parliamentary bypoll, prevented officials from transporting the animal to Bannerghatta.

After the issue order, we see a usual comedy of errors with most govt projects:

Eventually, BBP got a cage made locally to get the calf. But as luck would have it, the calf by now had outgrown the 8-ft cage! It was now 13 feet tall. The next plan was to allow the animal to be in the 8-ft cage, but allow its head to stick out. But this was soon dropped because of its unfeasibility.

This aside,  Bangalore administration is least bothered about the decline of the city. It just keeps finding new lows..

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