India’s capital market regulator plans to crawl social media on a 24/7 basis..

As most of stock investment advisory business shifts on the virtual world, the regulator has no choice but to move there as well.

This BS article informs that SEBI is planning to move aggressively into the space. It has invited companies specialised in Web Crawling, Data extraction and Information Management Services for helping in its cause:

As the regulator of Indian securities market, SEBI proposes to improve monitoring of the news or messages that are appearing ‘about SEBI’ in the social media, so that SEBI is well aware about the general perception of the market on the various issues pertaining to SEBI and can act on those thenceforth. Accordingly, it has been decided to engage an outside agency who can track public information on SEBI and securities market, published and publically accessible in the World Wide Web as well as the information in electronic and print media, and provide it to SEBI, in a manner that is relevant to the various departments of SEBI. Additionally, the agency is also required to carry out social media management activities on behalf of SEBI. 

This is interesting stuff. SEBI should set up a research department as well to report on the emerging trends, ideas and so on as well. No point just having a crawler who does things secretively.


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