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How Viennese culture (including Vienna medical school) shaped Austrian Economics

August 2, 2016

Erwin Dekker has written this book called The Viennese Students of Civilization

He explains how several ideas in Vienna led to development of so called Austrian School of economics. Also check the video at the end where the author explains Austrian thinking via a painting!!:



Sebi pushes Stock exchanges and brokers to use local languages..

August 2, 2016

In India there is this continuous tussle between centralisation and decentralisation in most spheres. This is in languages too. On one hand there is this focus to push English down the throat of most children so that they remain part of the global workforce. On the other, we have to find ways to communicate with the rest of the country which does not care for all this global ways. They prefer to remain local and demand if you want us to be included talk in our language.

This even comes out more ironically in financial markets where in order to make it in the big global league, knowledge of English is crucial. But then in order to spread one’s policies and make it more inclusive, one has to keep looking to translate English documents in local language.

SEBI recently said that brokers should publish investor risk related documents in 15 vernacular languages. The same number of languages are published on our currency notes as well:


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