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This is your life in the soon to be silicon valley of India (Gurgaon)

August 23, 2016

Despite not being that old, I am already scared of how technology is taking control of my life. It is just becoming a case of an overkill. Samrat Singh on draws this future scenario of a start-up investor’s life in Gurgaon.

It is a future which is neither too far (some would say it is already there) nor it just applies to investors alone. I guess it applies to professions across the curve. Even just change the Gurgaon locations with those of other cities and the story is likely to be similar.

You wake up at 8 AM with a headache. You blame it on the weird tasting wheat beer you had last night at one of those shady but hip looking craft breweries in Sector 29. You can’t remember the name because they all look the same and there is a new one around every time you go there. You do remember that their Zomato rating was an acceptable 3.9, but you think they’re actually more of a 3.5. You wonder if that “startup networking mixer” at that pretentious co-working space in Hauz Khas was a better idea. The thought of traffic on MG Road at night reminds you that it surely wasn’t. Also, the crowd at such things is even more pretentious, you tell yourself. You search for your phone. InShorts tells you, that same co-working space just raised 10 million, you wonder if they have openings. Living around Hauz Khas would be great.

You pick up the Economic Times and wonder why they don’t just start calling it the ‘Startup Times’. You browse through and see acquaintances on the ‘Young Leaders Awards’ list. You wonder if the application form tab is still open on your laptop and why you never got around to filling it. ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ one day you say to yourself, then you realize you’re almost 30 already. There’s another story on Ritesh Agarwal today, you wonder where you were at 23. You were in B-School. You wonder why you went to B-School in the first place, that reminds you that your education loan installment hasn’t been paid for the last three months. You download that expense tracking app your friend just made. You try and register but the OTP never comes, you ping him saying let’s meet, you have feedback on the product you tell him. You wonder if he needs a co-founder. Another ET story talks about how Hauz Khas is emerging as a new startup hub. “Wannabe hipsters” you say while sipping that coffee you bought from Blue Tokai last month.

How apps are soon going to control everything we do..

Pakistan rise to No. 1 in Cricket Test rankings is nothing short of a miracle..

August 23, 2016

It just happened as India could not win against the hapless West Indies due to rain and poor ground management. Pakistan edged India by 1 point to top the Test match rankings first time since these rankings were made in 2003.

I mean to see Pakistan top the rankings is just crazy and a miracle. The country does not anymore host test matches at home and the entire cricket structure is just reduced to a royal mess. Despite this they have been producing is a few talented individuals who spice the contest once a while. And now they have surged to top position drawing with England in England against all odds. They have done this with lot of discipline and dignity which makes it a super plus. These two attributes have missed Pakistan cricket for a long time.

Here is a wonderful tribute by Kamran Abbasi who shows how high these odds have been making the achievement even more amazing. (He also highlights that Hockey World Cup was actually an idea from Pakistan).


The story of two migrations and one reverse migration in Kerala

August 23, 2016

Interesting piece from P. Anima of Business Line. She points how years of migration from Kerala to Gulf led to rising job vacancies. These were then filled by migrants from other states especially North India and North-East India (where else??). Now, with rising nationalism in  Gulf, one is seeing reversal with people heading back from Gulf. How this will change the dynamics in the labor and social economy is yet to be seen.


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