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See real democracy in action – how Chinese third-graders elect a class monitor?

August 30, 2016

This video has some really interesting lessons as well on politics and dance of democracy.  It is about how third graders of a Chinese school elect a class monitor based on democracy and elections.  It also is one of the cutest you would see where the innocence of children is mixed beautifully with this guile of trying to get elected.

‘What kind of thing is “Democracy”?’

Born into an authoritarian state that professes to value the greater good over individual expression, many Chinese children have little familiarity with Western ideals of democracy. Nevertheless, they prove themselves quick studies in Please Vote For Me, which chronicles China’s first ever modern classroom election, held among third-graders in the city of Wuhan. After the students learn the basic tenets of democracy, a campaign for the position of class monitor swiftly descends into an all too familiar jumble of campaign promises, back-room deals and dirty tricks. Funny, touching and full of small surprises, the Chinese director Weijun Chen’s documentary is a wry look at the democratic process and all its chaotic, imperfect promise.

This version of Please Vote For Me was excerpted for Wholphin from a feature-length documentary of the same name.

Must watch..

What is behind inter-state differences in inflation?

August 30, 2016

It wouldn’t require a lot of analysis to guess this question. It should be differences in food prices and indeed it is as per this analysis by Tadit Kundu.

In a very picturesque analysis, he shows how there are wide state-wise differences in inflation. Most of these differences are on account of food inflation:


How liberal constitutionalism was conceived and conceptualized in the first place

August 30, 2016

Benjamin Strumann has a nice post which looks at evolution of political order.

How did lessons from Roman Republic influence thinking on political institutions in US:


Whom do the Regional Fed boards serve?

August 30, 2016

It is interesting to see the rising debates over role of central banks in the society. The discussion is of course widely different from those going in India where asking such a question is akin to a crime.

Of all the discussions, it is those on Federal Reserve and its Regional arms that are by far the most. Federal Reserve established in 1913 amidst a lot of suspicions has come a full circle. It moved from a suspicious body to one of the most powerful bodies in the world and is now back on the suspicious block.

There are all kinds of issues being posed on Federal Reserve from policy impact to independence. Though, the one on its relevance in US economy is perhaps the most important. People have attacked Federal Reserve as an institution from all possible corners. Some say Fed only serves Wall street interests, others say it does not do enough for main street. Within Fed structure, the role of regional Feds is being questioned as their boards are elected by member banks.

This piece by Helen Fessenden and Gary Richardson gets to the Regional Fed debate from a wide historical lens:


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