Who Was Mao Zedong?

There is a new book on the Chinese leader – Mao: The Real Story by Alexander V. Pantsov with Steven I. Levine.

Here is a review by Roderick MacFarquhar in NY Review of Books:

Pantsov and Levine conclude about Mao:

A talented Chinese politician, an historian, a poet and philosopher, an all-powerful dictator and energetic organizer, a skillful diplomat and utopian socialist, the head of the most populous state, resting on his laurels, but at the same time an indefatigable revolutionary who sincerely attempted to refashion the way of life and consciousness of millions of people, a hero of national revolution and a bloody social reformer—this is how Mao goes down in history. The scale of his life was too grand to be reduced to a single meaning.

The review gives a good account of the book and the man behind Mao.

No matter how much is written on these people, much will remain shrouded in mystery..


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