Here are the 10 oldest companies in India that are still going strong…

Shailesh Menon of ET Bureau has a piece of ten oldest companies in India which are still doing good:

The life expectancy rate of companies is shrinking rapidly world over. According to leadership guru Steven Denning, the life expectancy rate of Fortune-500 companies has reduced from around 75 years in the 1950s to less than 15 years now. Defying this average, a list of Indian companies have been in existence for over 100 years — and several of them are still going strong.

Here is the list:

  • Bombay Dyeing 1897
  • Shalimar Paints 1902
  • Bombay Burmah Trading Corp 1863
  • Otis Elevator 1892
  • Alembic Pharma 1907
  • Parry & Co 1839
  •  Kamarahatty 1887
  • Teesta Valley Tea 1841
  • Amluckie investment 1876
  • Joint Stock Banks

Well in banks, they just discuss nationalised banks. These remained as they were nationalised and we do not know how many would have survived. It misses the old private sector banks few of whom are more than 100 years old without any govt help whatsoever. They are typically unsung stories having survived a really volatile phase of Indian banking in first half of 20th century when banks closed left right and centre. Even after nationalisation, RBI and govt merged many small private banks with their bigger counterparts. These 12 old banks survived even that phase post 1969.

Nice bit…

2 Responses to “Here are the 10 oldest companies in India that are still going strong…”

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    Here are the 10 oldest companies in India that are still going strong

  2. Shubham Gupta Says:

    You forgot to mention Godrej. Your welcome

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