State government takes over a temple in Bangalore over financial mismanagement!

Though this news appeared 2 years ago, it is reported today as well.

A temple in Bangalore has been taken over by govt over financial irregularities of all things. Usually organisations move out of govt ownership for the same reasons.

Takeovers are not just confined to the corporate world but also to temples, the latest being the state government taking over SriVinayaka Temple in Jayanagar 4th Block, Bengaluru.

The temple, a favourite puja point for new vehicles in south Bengaluru makes an income of around Rs 1 crore to Rs 1.5 crore per annum, had come under the government scanner two years ago following allegations of financial mismanagement. With all the legal hurdles pertaining to the takeover cleared, the government recently declared it as a muzrai temple (owned by the state government) under The Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Act-1997. A notification to this effect was issued on September 22.

The temple, established in 1976, was being managed by a group of individuals. As it became increasingly popular, infighting started in the management five years ago and the issue reached the Karnataka High Court.

 The management alleged that muzrai department officials, in collusion with some “disgruntled” devotees, were making baseless charges in a bid to dislodge it. However, the muzrai department maintained that the temple was illegally constructed on a civic amenity site belonging to the government and financial contributions from devotees were not accounted for. The filing of returns by the management was false and misleading, the department stated while insisting on taking over the temple.

The high court had ordered the Bengaluru Urban district commissioner on March 30 this year to conduct a comprehensive inquiry. Though notices were issued twice to the management, there was no reply. Following this, the green signal was given for the takeover. According to government officials, the temple has assets worth Rs 3.85 crore including over 15 kg gold and 140.43 kg silver.

Not sure whether govt can manage it any better on financial matters. This aspect of govt is perhaps the weakest.

This issue of organisation structure of various temples in India is a great study. How various temples are owned/managed and role of government will have some interesting lessons on politics and economics.

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