In Kerala, there is a temple which has a Judge as a god..

This is some inspiration for the decline in quality of judiciary in India.

There is a temple in Kerala where the god is a judge, people honoring him for his sheer honesty:

Judge Uncle (Judge Ammavan in Malayalam) is the presiding deity at the famous Devi temple in Ponkunnam. Local lore has it that the judge is known to save innocents trapped in legal hassles. 

In the 18th century, there lived a judge Govinda Pillai -a native of Ponkunnam in erstwhile Travancore province, during the time of King Dharma Raja Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma. A learned intellectual, Pillai was revered as a truthful and just executor of law, and had garnered an unshakeable reputation for his impartial judgements, among both the masses as well as the royalty. 

In one of the cases that came up for hearing, Pillai pronounced the death sentence against his own nephew who was the accused. It was only after his order was executed, that Pillai realized that he had made an error in judgement.

Driven by guilt, Pillai pleaded with the King that he be punished for the same. To escape from the quandary, Dharma Raja asked Pillai to pass judgement on himself. 

Pillai promptly ordered that he be hung from a tree with both his feet chopped off, so that he would die a slow painful death. He also demanded that his body be left hanging for three days, as he wanted all to know that no one was above the law. 



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