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Digging through India demonetization history — 12 Jan 1946 (Saturday) and 16 Jan 1978 (Monday)

November 11, 2016

Warning upfront: This is a long long post..

One is trying to break his head over both ongoing effects of demonetization (demon) and the historic bit as well. There are so many articles on the history bit that one is just confused. So here is more to the confusion.


Let me start with some trivia. It is interesting to see the similarities in the dates of previous two demons. Both were in Jan with just four days away from each other – 12 Jan 1946 and 16 Jan 1978. One could call it the Jan demon! Even the days are just seperated by the Sunday. In the third one, the date is 8 Nov 2016 which was a Tuesday. So you have 8, 12, 16 series. Next one whenever could be on 4th or 20th of perhaps December!

First Denom — 12 Jan 1946 (Source: RBI History 1935-51, pg 706)


Demonetisation impact across India…

November 11, 2016

This blog is very keen on putting up positives and negatives of the demonetisation impact. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to assess behaviors on various across India. So, visitors to the blog keep sending stuff you read. It will be interesting to hyperlink various experiences.

This blog had linked to some interesting jugaads across few cities in India yesterday. Just putting them together again.

10 Nov 2016:

  • story from Chennai shows how people are forming groups to make hotel bills worth Rs 500 or Rs 1000
  • Another story from Mumbai showing people offering smaller denom notes for a price/commission
  • This story on Angadias who are basically money carriers from Surat to Bombay shows how they are trying to cope up with times

11 Nov 2016:

Phew. Tired as of now..Keep sending more from your places in comments section. It could be a great respository for future reference

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