The History Internship @ IIM-Ahmedabad

Prof Chinmay Tumbhe of IIMA has invited interested researchers to apply for internship in business/economic history at IIMA:


The ideal applicant is a Master’s or PhD level student in History/Economics/Management who is working on aspects of business and economic history of any region post-18th century. Students and researchers pursuing other degrees and professions, working in other fields of history or on other time periods are also encouraged to apply if they can demonstrate how they can contribute and learn during the internship. Applicants have to be highly motivated, enthusiastic and hard-working. Prior exposure to database management software (MS Excel, Open Office, etc.) is not mandatory but welcomed.

Internship Details

The internship can take place anytime during the year for a period not exceeding two months. The Intern can avail internet and library facilities at the IIMA campus but will have to arrange for accommodation on their own. The remuneration for the internship – over Rs. 8,000 per month – will be paid at the end of the internship and after the receipt of an internship project report.  

Application Procedure

Applicants must send an email to Chinmay Tumbe, faculty member at IIMA, at , with their CV, a written sample of at least 1,000 words and a letter of motivation indicating potential research ideas and a range of dates for the internship. A reference letter may be requested from shortlisted candidates. There is no deadline for the internship application and applications will be considered on a rolling basis. 

Looks really promising. Those interested please apply and pass on the word.

Here is a recent piece by Prof Tumbhe on Why Business History matters?

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