Paytm founder displays hubris of the worst kind…

One thought this bit of news is a rumor till till one saw the video.

The founder of Paytm actually says this in Paytm’s Annual Day party:

In the video, he is shown as saying, “Jo hamare saath nahin hai wo royenge. Ek saal me wo kiya jo unhone 10 saal me nahin kiya. 2017 will be ours. Kaise nahin hoga? Kaleja diya, jaan di, khoon diya, saara kuchh laga diya. B********. Humne kuchh socha (repeats three times), aur saala doosron ki pant geeli nahin hui to kya socha. Ab koi India me hamari taraf nahin dekh raha, kyon? Hamare ko saara desh nahin, saari duniya dekh rahi hai.” (Those who are not with us would cry. We did it in one year what others could not do in 10 years. 2017 will be ours. How can it not be? We gave out lives, blood, our everything (for this). If we think of something (repeats three times), and it does not cause our competition to wet their pants, did we even think? It is not only India, but the entire world is now tracking Paytm.)
According to OfficeChai, in last year’s annual party, Mr Sharma had reportedly said that “no f***ing brand better than us”.
Really? When did things go so crass and vulgar with Indian CEOs? That too of one of the highest (sorry the highest) growing company in the country?
This is hubris at its worst and could just be the beginning of downfall of the company..

3 Responses to “Paytm founder displays hubris of the worst kind…”

  1. MS Says:

    Amol, the F words seem to be the currency of the new generation CEOs and Managements. I worked for one of the young hotshot companies from India, and the CEO just loved spraying F words in every meeting. No one minded as long as the money and exhilaration kept flowing.

    But I have to disagree with you on PayTM about one thing: if it’s just the aggression and bombastic stuff bothering you, then you should look at American startups and their annual meets/sales gatherings. Sheer testosterone powered events ! Even established firms like Microsoft are not immune – Steve Ballmer famously donned the gorilla suit and said similar words.

    Lou Gerstner, the CEO who turned around grand old IBM, wrote that he found the IBM he inherited to be weak and uncompetitive (after years of competition law troubles). When he used words like “rip the faces off our competitors”, his employees were shocked. He says he used such talks to fire up the company.

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    Paytm founder displays hubris of the worst kind… | Mostly Economics

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    Paytm founder displays hubris of the worst kind… | Mostly Economics

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