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Going for gold: Trump, Louis XIV and interior design

January 25, 2017

Robert Wellington (Lecturer of Art History and Visual Culture at Australian National University) has a piece on the topic.

US President Trump has replaced the crimson curtains in White House with golden ones. Then there are articles which mention Trump’s interest in anything golden and its usage in his interior design. Some have compared this to Louis XIV.

Wellington adds some perspective:



The Long Economic and Political Shadow of History

January 25, 2017

Voxeu team is coming up with a series of three e-books (free) all of which make one’s eyes to lighten up.

The first one is there on the website:

 Volume 1 of the e-book starts with our more detailed discussion of the recent literature on economic history that aims to explain the considerable persistence in economic and political development. It also includes some additional introductory chapters that review works on the spatial distribution of development, as depicted in satellite images on light density at night, summaries of fascinating new papers on the macrogenoeconomics of comparative development, and studies on environmental economic history. Next, it includes chapters which explore watershed events that have global repercussions, such as colonisation, the role of the Enlightenment on the Industrial Revolution, and the spur of commerce during the first era of globalisation.
The chapters in Volume 2 (forthcoming) feature research on the deep origins of African development and works on the legacy of colonial practices in India, China, and Australia. They cover a diverse set of major historical issues, such as the impact of the slave trades, colonial divide-and-rule policies and investments in infrastructure and human capital, the legacy of British direct and indirect rule in India, the long-lasting effect of convict resettlement in Australia, and the role of colonial ports in China. 
Volume 3 (also forthcoming) focuses on Latin and North America and Europe. The chapters on the Americas cover a plethora of colonisation-related events, such as the legacy of the mita (forced labour system in Peru), the role of Christian missions, the resettlement of indigenous communities in reserves in North America, and many more. The chapters on Europe discuss, among other topics, the role of the Protestant Reformation on industrialisation and the legacy of the Holocaust, Nazi occupation, and communism on social structure, politics, and norms. They also cover research tracing beliefs, trust and norms related to trust and social capital to the medieval times.


RBI board and Committee of Central Board: Comparison against international benchmarks

January 25, 2017

A forgotten Board ha stolen the limelight like no other.

Ila Patnaik and Shubho Roy compare RBI Board to Bank of England and Federal Reserve Boards. Obviously, RBI is least transparent. Actually, why go that far. As this blog shows, one could learn lessons from SEBI’s Board as well but we hardly look at it.

They say RBI Board is like any other and should be governed by similar laws:


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