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Would implementation of FSLRC have strengthened the RBI Board?

January 26, 2017

Stuff continues to be written on RBI Board. After its (mysterious) role in demonetisation, we have seen flurry of articles from comparing it to SEBI to international central bank boards. Then this blog looked at historical evolution of RBI Board and another one on fullness or emptiness of the Board in recent years.

This blog had also written about why there is no discussion of FSLRC’s recommendations on RBI Board. Apparently, one article picked the post and asked broader questions.

Now, in another long must read post Bhargavi Zaveri adds more clarity to the debate. She says on the contrary FLSRC would have strengthened the RBI Board. Would it have altered the outcome of demonetisation?


Focus Economics – Top Economics & Finance Blogs of 2017

January 26, 2017

Focus Economics, a global economics analysis firm publishes its list of top economics and finance blogs for 2017.

It is wonderful to see Mostly Economics featuring in the list. Thanks once again to all the visitors for carrying the word forward.


Thank you Rahul Dravid!

January 26, 2017

One does not understand the logic of conferring honorary doctorates to individuals. That too some of these doctorates are given to people who have not even completed Bachelor levels. A doctorate is such a challenging thing to complete (provided one does it properly) and to see one get it so easily is such a pain.

So thank you so much Rahul Dravid for not accepting the honorary doctorate offer by Bangalore University. A double thanks saying you would rather get a doctorate by doing research in sports. Atleast you appreciated the efforts by the doctoral students! Though, it will be amazing if you did some research in sports studies. Who better than you?

The respect for this individual keeps rising for he never seizes to amaze you with his simplicity and humility. There are others and there is Rahul Dravid.

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