RBI courts unnecessary controversy by not inviting The Economist for its post monetary policy press conference…

There was big furore last time when Stanley Pignal of The Economist was not allowed to attend press conference post monetary policy decision in Dec-2016.

This time again Mr. Pignal tells us that invites have been sent to journos for today’s meeting but TheEconomist is not invited:

Invites to next RBI press conference have gone out. Sad to say again not invited. Journalists trying to figure out who is.

He also says some other journalist who has been critical of the demonetisation policy has not been invited without naming the person.

This is just needless really. One does not know why these invites are sent. All journos should be allowed if they fit basic guidelines and manners. The central bank should not really disallow a journalist who is critical of monetary policy. It should actually welcome criticism and look to answer questions from critics first.  There is no point in having journalists who are merely going to nod heads and ask meek/usual questions.


We are increasingly told by the government and its esteemed advisers that demonetisation is such a great idea and so on. After all the Central Bank and its Board agreed and advised the government on the idea. Now we are told discussions were on since Februray 2016 on the move.

In such a case, why get into needless controversy. Just let critics come and look to answer their questions.

One does not know what is going on really. New lows for Indian central bank..


4 Responses to “RBI courts unnecessary controversy by not inviting The Economist for its post monetary policy press conference…”

  1. Jidnyasha Says:

    But, how do we know that Mr. Pignal is telling truth. What if RBI had sent the invite and with these allegation he is holding RBI to explain which is other way round.

  2. Amol Agrawal Says:

    Well this way we can question anything Jidnyasha. Having said that, if one gets to know that Mr Pignal is not telling the truth, I shall blog and condemn about it as well.

  3. Jidnyasha Says:

    Following reply I received from Mr. Pignal on twitter when sent him a question asking to publish info on others invites and he is not being invited the same manner

    ” I’ve actually never not been allowed to go to a press conference that I’ve asked to attend, if that helps answer your question”

    If you wish to see this, kindly hit the following link



  4. RBI decision – The Gold Standard Says:

    […] Comments are greatly welcome. I can and will learn. (postscript: Prolific blogger Amol Agrawal took exception to the RBI decision on excluding the journalist from ‘Economist’ from […]

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