Would Aristotle have tweeted? Would Isaac Newton be distracted by Facebook? Would Ayn Rand snapchat?

An interesting piece by Kirk Barbera.

He says instead of complaining about today’s technology, we should actually be appreciating it. Likes of Rand would would have been amazed by how much technology enables one to do in this era:

I commend those intelligentsia today who do embrace (if tentatively) the new social media production capabilities. Most, however, are so romantic about the past as to be blind to the potential of the present. Even those who admire a figure like Rand are often blind to the reality of how utterly revolutionary and bold she really was.

Parents in the 20s and 30s complained about those nuisances called motion pictures, too.

We live in a time that Rand and other revolutionaries would have envied. “You mean I can simply produce my own material, rather than be rejected dozens of times and eat in soup kitchens?” And yet, we today are still complaining and ignoring the truth of this amazing technology. Parents in the 1920s and 1930s complained about those nuisances called nickelodeons and motion pictures, too.

I have some advice for anyone curious about being a Randian Revolutionary.

First, go to your app store.

Second, download Snapchat, Instagram, music.ly, Anchor and any other social media platform you may not already possess.

Third, watch. Read. Listen.

That’s right, just consume like a child. Explore every day for two or three hours (kind of like watching a movie a day). Follow social media stars. Read viral articles by Ryan Holiday. Listen to the DJ Khaleds and Gary Vaynerchuks on Snapchat.

We have already forgotten just how young the consumer web really is. Netscape and Windows 95 were launched … well, in 1995. That’s only 22 years ago. Really, the consumer web is in its childhood, maybe it’s a teenager. It will mature in the next 5–10 years. And then?

VR baby.

Well we never know. May be all these older figures would have been distracted. How can we be so sure?

There are always trade offs. If technology has made so many things available it has also made us way too reliant on technology. One now does not remember many things which he/she would remember earlier.

Nevertheless, these are interesting things to think about (or is it waste of time?)..


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