Where should Tata Sons chief look for advice? In Tata’s Archives..

It is not always one sees an article asking a new CEO to look into his own company’s archives!

So thank you Priyanka Sangani of ET for suggesting (HT: HITCH) the new head of Tata Sons to look into Group’s archives for advice:

If N Chandrasekaran, the newly appointed chairman of Tata Sons, wants some advice before he takes up the responsibility on February 21, he doesn’t need to delve into anything hi-tech or digital. All he has to do is browse through the group’s archives in Pune to uncover facets of the group’s history that may yield significant insights – even guidance in a letter from a father to a son.

While the archives are removed from anything to do with the current business, there is material housed deep in its recesses that can hold important points of reference even decades later.

The archives have been called into play on various occasions, from settling legal disputes going back a century to serving as administrative records and reference matter for scholars researching the group or one of its many companies.

TCA houses over 16 lakh nonactive, Tata-related archival records of evidential and historical value. These include over 15 lakh print and digital documents, 75,000 still images, 500-plus audio and video recordings.

Well, it is true that Archives do not comment on current business they have plenty to offer especially for top management. This is also to do with Tatas which are struggling to restroe their lost reputation. What better than to dig a little in the Archives and figure how the core foundations of the group were built…

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