60 years of Bundesbank..

The iconic Bundesbank completes its 60 years on 1 Aug 1917.

The bank is going to celebrate (but obviously) and has put up a seperate site giving a timeline of the history so far.

How did the Bundesbank become an independent institution? How were the German gold reserves created? And how did the D-Mark reach eastern Germany? In the anniversary year of 2017, the Bundesbank is looking back at its history and providing numerous opportunities for the public to get to know the central bank and its tasks.

On 1 August 1957, the Bundesbank Act came into force, making the Bundesbank the central bank of Germany. For sixty years it has ensured a stable currency – firstly supporting the D-Mark for a good four decades, and then the euro, Europe’s single currency, since 2002. “Our principal task is to safeguard the value of our currency. To accomplish this, we need the confidence and the support of the public,” said Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann at the beginning of the anniversary year.

On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the Bundesbank is making a wide variety of information available to the general public. By means of online and printed media as well as numerous events all over Germany, members of the public can discover how the Bundesbank came into being and learn about formative events in its history and its tasks.

Nice bit to follow…


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