Remembering Martin Crowe on his first death anniversary

One thought it was not too long ago that we got the news of Martin Crowe passing away after his long battle with cancer. But it has been one year. How time flies.

Sambit Bal in this piece pays a tribute to the iconic cricketer from NZ. It is as poignant as any such tribute can be.

Where would you find a man who accepted cancer as his teacher, as the path to enlightenment? An intense, complex, conflicted and emotional person for a large part of his life, he finally found lasting peace in simplicity. Illness cured him, he often said, because it made him grasp the futility of the battles that raged inside. His playing career had been a struggle to win love and respect with runs and hundreds, and it had brought torment, bitterness and loneliness. As he battled for life, all of that seemed trivial.

He came to cherish friendship, companionship and love. He repaired his frayed relationship with his brother Jeff, sought out a few of his old team-mates, built a stronger bond with his daughter Emma, his only biological child, but most of all, he found his greatest love, Lorraine. And he discovered that, unlike with cricket, pain wasn’t part of the package. The process renewed him and healed him.

Marty could now look at his younger self with remarkable objectivity and detachment. “He was not a man you’d have liked,” he would often say. “I don’t like him.” But it was part of the healing process that he was able to forgive, including that man he didn’t like. It liberated him.

I will forever count among my great blessings that this is a man I was friends with.

It is full of anecdotes and memories. Must read for Cricket fans..


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