State of Wisconsin bans a brand of Irish Butter for an unbelievable reason..

Just an unbelievable story, An Irish brand of butter is banned as its cattle is fed on grass!

In February, a number of Irish citizens were surprised to find out that selling Kerrygold butter — a line of butter produced in Ireland — is a criminal offense in Wisconsin. Irish Central reports

Under a 1970 law all butter sold in the state must be subjected to scrutiny by a panel, which recently ruled Kerrygold was not compliant. Their problem with Kerrygold’s products was that the cattle who produce the milk for the cheese and butter are grass fed, something the panel ruled was against state law.

Any shopkeepers who continue to stock the brand face a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail — something that has enraged consumers.


This has led people to make queues outside other States..

Any such bans etc in India are mocked by Western press. But they have plenty of similar stories as well..


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