Why is Hungary trying to close George Soros’s prestigious university?

On April 4, 2017, the Hungarian Parliament amended a law regulating higher education in a way that has been widely reported as targeting the Central European University (CEU), founded by Hungarian-born U.S. financier George Soros. The amended law requires universities to open campuses in the country in which they are registered; and to cease operations in Hungary unless the country they are in enters a bilateral educational agreement with the Hungarian government.

Observers have been calling this the Lex CEU given that it appears to be tailored to kick out one specific institution: the CEU, one of Hungary’s leadinginstitutions of higher education. While it operates only in Budapest, CEU’s degrees are recognized in the United States. If the amendment goes into effect, CEU would be required to establish a U.S. campus, or close.

So why is the Hungarian government going to war with an individual university?

Givern Soros recent track record, the reasons are not difficult to guess. Soros has been against illiberal policies followed by the current President:

Orbán uses Soros as a symbol of globalist interference and disregard for national sovereignty. For instance, after human rights watchdogs condemned Hungary’s treatment of refugees on the Hungarian-Serb border, a government communique asserted that “Soros’s people are using lies to attack Hungarian policemen and soldiers defending our borders.” Soros further symbolizes the cosmopolitan-liberal and international opposition that has been criticized Orbán’s illiberal practices. In fact, international observers note that CEU is widely considered a last bastion of liberal values in Hungary.

A new election campaign of the far-right opposition reads: “While you are working, they are stealing.” In the coming months, Orbán is bound to continue his fight against the bogeymen he created in fear of becoming one himself.

How Soros continues to bother Central bankers even without taking a financial position..


4 Responses to “Why is Hungary trying to close George Soros’s prestigious university?”

  1. vikramml Says:

    “Soros has been against illiberal policies followed by the current President”

    That is not true. Soros funds far left groups, including communists and they aren’t all liberal (some of them are). Orgs suported by him pay protestors to boost the crowds and shut down views that they don’t like, sometimes with violence, like in Berkeley. That cannot be called liberal in any sense of the word, in fact it is the opposite! I’ve seen ads on Craigslist offering $15/hr (with vacation and benefits) for protesting!!

    It would be like paying people to join JNU students for protesting for their various communist agendas as well as paying media groups to report favorably. That would not be liberal and would be more akin to Marxist propaganda.

    Today, the right in Europe/West is more classically liberal. They believe in free speech more than the left. The left in Europe/West are supporting anti-free speech policies and are more like the Soviet left of old. They can’t be called liberal but should be called the radical left, some call them the regressive left.

    • Amol Agrawal Says:

      Thanks Vikramml for all this information. Frankly, I can never make sense of this left vs right classification. Same with liberal and illiberal. I just found the news bit interesting as anything to do with Soros leads to so much action. How that one Soros bet against Bank of England continues to attract attention for whatever he does. Keep sending your comments and educating people like me 🙂

      • vikramml Says:

        The comments section is not appropriate to provide information or to argue. But, I can’t suppress the urge to at least raise a point of objection.

        In this case, I don’t think its so much to do with Soros himself. He probably allocates money at the top level for umbrella liberal causes, but the problem is that the institutions have gone corrupt.

        Oh another thing that I find very irksome is the mention of gender studies and its opposition by “christian” democrats which sounds so obviously illiberal and right wing.

        But, gender studies are a complete and utter mess and they along with ethnic studies are the ones raising the generation of mollycoddled, snowflake student political activists who shout sexist, racist, homophobia, transphobia on every little thing. Who clamor to censor “hate speech” at every opportunity which is an illiberal slippery slope down to big brother-hood.

        I like Camille Paglia’s criticism of contemporary liberals:

      • Amol Agrawal Says:

        Keep them coming..I am just so ignorant about all such stuff..

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