How to deflect attention from core issues in Indian policy? Add digital/internet to policy…

The best way to deflect attention from any major issue in India is to say the 7 letter golden word: Digital. Be it anything from water provision to bus transport, the government has figured the magical word- digital/internet.

This is one such article which says Bangalore’s BMTC buses will be equipped with wifi.

The Karnataka government will be installing WiFi in 200 BMTC buses within two weeks’ time in select routes, reports TOI. Speaking to MediaNama, BMTC’s Chief Systems Manager Nagendra said that WiFi usage will be provided for free for a limited time duration, after which users will be charged for data. Depending on the response received from the first phase, BMTC plans to add WiFi in more buses on the future, Nagendra added.

According to the report, the project is being implemented on a tender basis, and will initially focus on buses heading to Whitefield, Electronics City, and KempeGowda International Airport. WiFi in buses will have a minimum speed of at least 7.2 Mbps. For the second phase, BMTC is targeting at least 150 BMTC buses and aims to expand to 650 buses in the future. The department has already issued tenders on Monday, added the report. BMTC official Nagendra did not reveal the name of the companies that bagged the contract for the first phase when MediaNama inquired.

Perhaps one way to stop people from complaining about poor quality of bus, reaching on time is to keep them busy with surfing on the bus.

These moves are at best complimentary. The purpose of public bus transport is to make passengers reach safely and on time. Everything else is secondary. But it is things like secondary especially digital which matters more than the primary purpose. BMTC is nowhere close on its primary objective.

India is going through some unbelievable amount of nuisance right now in the name of digital/wireless/wifi..


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