The famed Udan scheme starts with a subsidised fare?

This could be another Marie Anotoinette moment for the Government. The first was obviously that people dont have cash? Let them pay by digital money instead.

After much publicity, the government launched the Udan scheme which plans to make hawai chappals wearing people use flights. They can’t use roads, let them fly instead!

Shimla airport will get air connectivity after a gap of five years with this flight and will operate for five days in a week. “Why should air services be only for the elite in this country? I told my officials that I want people wearing hawai chappals to be taking flights.

Even funnier is to say subsidised flights cost cheaper than non-subsidised taxis!

Today, you can fly (UDAN flights) at rates that are cheaper than taxi, which may cost you Rs 8 to Rs 10 per kilometre. Under these flights, you can fly for as low as Rs 6 to Rs 7/ kilometre and reach Delhi from Shimla in an hour,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at his public address in Shimla on Thursday.

The air connectivity to smaller centres is much welcome. But this should essentially be a private sector led initiative with market pricing. The only we can know the true potential.

There is a  joke. How to become a millionaire? By starting an airline. You could move from a billionaire to being a millionaire! Such is the precarious nature of airline business. The last thing is to see Government getting into it at the cost of taxpayer’s money. Who better to know this than Indian Government which has been managing its airline a bit too well..


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