RBI releasing a new Rs 10 coin to commemorate 125 years of National Archives of India..(should promote its own archives as well)

Just missed this. Indian central bank announced release of 2 coins to commemorate 2 anniversaries.

I would stick to the National Archives as it is really rare to see celebration of such an important institution yet a highly ignored one. We hardly care anymore for such institutions which play a silent role storing and maintaining historic records. They remain invaluable for researchers yet hardly get any mention anywhere.

So, really nice to see new Rs 10 coins being issued for the occasion:

This face of the coin shall bear the image of “National Archives Building” in the centre, with inscription “125 वर्ष/YEARS below the image. A logo of 125th Anniversary Celebration shall exist at the centre and above the image of “National Archives Building”. The inscription “राष्ट्रीय अभिलेखागार“ in Devanagri script and “NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF INDIA” in English shall be respectively on upper periphery and the lower periphery of the coin. The year “1891” and “2016” in English shall be written on the upper and lower periphery of the coin respectively. The year “1916” and “2016” in international numerals shall be written respectively on left and right top of the image.

These coins are legal tender as provided in The Coinage Act 2011. The existing coins in this denomination shall also continue to be legal tender.

The last bit is as important as we have seen Rs 1o coin not being accepted for exchange thanks to our recent currency policies.

Though, one would also like to see the Central bank do something for its own archives as well. The RBI Archives started in 1981 and  has completed 35 years. It too is an invaluable source for Indian monetary and banking history. But one hardly sees any RBI research drawn from these archives which is a disappointment. The Central bank should not just release more research from these records but even encourage other researchers to use them as well.

We should encourage several archives in India in whatever way possible. The idea should be to enable researchers explore many aspects of India which are just buried under these very archives.

Thus release of a new Rs 10 coin for National Archive anniversary is a great move. But it should not end here.


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