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When IRCTC becomes like a central bank..

May 4, 2017

IRCTC is Indian Railways reservation portal and used for other multiple activities as well.

Just like Railways, it too is a monopoly and can pretty much do anything. Railways booking via IRCTC is a big business and is going to become even bigger with forced digitisation by Indian government.

This article caught my eye. IRCTC is now demanding banks to cough higher deposits and even part with charges for booking tickets. This is like those cases where you have a monopoly dealing with multiple entities:



History of economics teaching and pluralism in Brazil..

May 4, 2017

Ramón García Fernández and Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak have a nice piece (based on their paper here).

They wrote how economics teaching started and grew in Brazil. Through several forces, the economics community in Brazil is fairly diversified.


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