How global elites prefer xenophobia and racism to anti-austerity politics in today’s elections..

This article is on Delhi’s CM and how establishment will never entertain an outsider like him.

However, it has some important lessons on how global elites pick electoral candidates:

The post-Soviet global establishment, with the US as its central column, weakened considerably after the 2008 economic meltdown. But it is resilient enough to fight and contain the two extremities. The formula is simple: where possible, a right-of-centre formation should be supported. But in a situation where extreme left is in competition with the extreme right, it is the Right which will obtain the vote of confidence. In other words, xenophobia and racism are preferable to anti-austerity politics.

In the recent French campaign, the Communist Jean-Luc MA©lenchon surged ahead of most other candidates. Supposing the run-off on May 7 were between Le Pen and MA©lenchon, the establishment would have thrown its full weight behind Le Pen. She would have won. But Emmanuel Macron is a crafty candidate of the establishment in disguise: his En Marche! (March ahead) party is brand new and yet as a former banker he is nothing if not the establishment.

This is a pretty useful summary to sum up much of what is happening around world’s elections. We usually think so called class wars are leading to recent election results. But there is the hidden elite dictation of world affairs as well with their control of media and other thought devices. They pretty much persuade the thinking in that direction as well.

Based on this, he says likes of Delhi CM will always be thrown out in case of first opportunity as they are anti-establishment. This is fine but the ruling party pretty much dug its own grave. By just sticking to simple things they could have created the difference and debunked the idea expressed above.


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