Meet David Pearce: The 15 year old boy who designed the New 1 Pound Coin

I had blogged about the new 1 Pound coin which is being touted as the safest coin the world.

Here is interview of David Pearce who was merely 15 years old when he sent in his deign and won the contest.

In the last few weeks many of us will have noticed a significant change to our ‘change’ – a new £1 coin. Although it’s entering circulation now, in 2017, the journey of the new £1 coin actually began in 2014, when the new 12-sided coin was first announced. And, in 2014, the public were given a rare opportunity to play a part in bringing the coin into the nation’s pockets with an invitation to submit designs that represented Britain. Heraldic designs, regional landmarks and cultural interpretations of the UK such as fish and chips and cups of tea were among over 6,000 entries submitted by the public, and in the end David Pearce’s design was chosen to symbolise the United Kingdom on the new one pound coin.

David, of Queen Mary’s Grammar School, was just 15 years old when he won the competition. His winning design features the floral emblems of the nations of the United Kingdom – the English rose, the Welsh leek, the Scottish thistle and the Northern Irish shamrock – emerging from one stem within a royal coronet. Now, as the #newpoundcoin starts to appear in our change, we speak to David to find out a little more about his design.

How did the thing come up?

How did your journey with The Royal Mint begin?

Well, my Design Technology teacher in school found out about the public design competition for the new one pound coin and recommended that I entered the competition to widen my portfolio for university admissions. 

What inspired you to enter?

I thought it would be a good opportunity to widen my portfolio, I didn’t really expect to win so I just took my teacher’s advice that it would be a good thing to do; I didn’t expect anything to come from it.

How did you find the process of designing the coin?

OK, I guess. I started with the template, and used the internet to research previous one pound coin designs to see what had been and gone. Because the brief was to design something that represented the UK, I researched symbols of the UK to find elements of heraldry that people would easily recognise as part of the United Kingdom. From there I came up with a few rough ideas and emerged with the one I liked the most. I compiled a few images into a mood-board, which had things such as royal crests, things that were synonymous with the UK, things that tourists would associate with the UK (which were very London-centric) and then flora – it was very diverse but very obvious at the same time. The main idea behind it, because it was the United Kingdom, was to unite the individual nations with a common element, the crown; so the four individual nations are represented by the flora and then united by the crown.



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