A week without internet leaves Saharanpur residents in the dark…

Earlier one associated such articles with lack of electricity. Now darkness can also be associated with lack of internet facilities.

As Saharanpur suffers from violence, internet connectivity has been snapped. This has left citizens in dark:

Following several incidents of caste-related violence in the district, the Saharanpur administrationhad suspended internet facilities indefinitely from May 24. Legitimate and law-abiding users, including students, have been having a tough time ever since. CBSE and ICSE results were declared on Sunday and Monday, and Saharanpur students, including those who wanted to share the good news with their friends and relatives, found themselves cut off. Others who have been trying to seek information or updates about jobs and studies have been similarly isolated, they said.

After district magistrate Pramod Kumar Pandey took over following the suspension of his predecessor NK Singh, internet connectivity in Saharanpur has been limited to only broadband connections.

Law student Praful Bandhu told TOI, “The internet ban has affected almost everyone. Only broadband services have been permitted, but this is used by only a few private citizens. The rest of us rely mainly on mobile internet services. I have to send some important documents related to my dissertation to my professor but couldn’t, because the services at a local cyber cafe were very slow. One of my friends is facing problems at work because he has not been able to send his emails for days now.”

No electricity means plastic money is just plastic:

Mohit Goel, an e-commerce businessmen, said, “Credit and debit cards have turned into just plastic, since swipe machines are useless without internet. People like me who deal in digital marketing and e-commerce have been sitting idle for the past eight days. We have no clue how long this situation will last.”

These are exactly the risks people warn of not moving over digital world completely. In cases of such exigencies, the whole thing goes upside down. How we sapiens keep thinking we have created this new world only to fall under its own trap..

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