A Pretty Peso: Colombia showcases its rich culture on the newest member of its family of banknotes

On one hand, we are seeing governments pushing digital money and on the other we see Governments across the world issuing newer and fancier banknotes. It is partly to increase security and partly to keep the feeling of nationalism going. This blog has pointed to new banknotes/coins in New Zealand, Sweden, UK, NorwayFiji and  many more.

Nadya Saber points to Colombia’s new banknote series:

As Colombia progresses on a trajectory of healing and growth, the country has issued new banknotes that pay tribute to former presidents Carlos Lleras Restrepo and Alfonso López Michelsen, anthropologist Virginia Gutiérrez de Pineda, poet José Asunción Silva, painter Débora Arango, and national literary treasure García Márquez—influential Colombians who have shaped the country’s cultural, political, and scientific landscape. 

José Darío Uribe, former governor of the Central Bank of Colombia says, “the new family of banknotes responds to the needs of the economy, pays homage to outstanding personalities of the country, and exalts our biodiversity, turning it into the new image of our banknotes.”

It has a 50,000 Peso note with celebrated author Gabriel García Márquez on the bankote:

A 2016 nominee for the International Bank Note Society Banknote of the Year award, Colombia’s 50,000 peso note featuring García Márquez is a finalist among 18 revamped banknote contenders from around the globe. 

García Márquez’s legacy—bringing Latin America to life through the pages of his poignant prose and giving the world a glimpse of the Colombia he loved—shines through the violet undertones of the 50,000 peso note. And an excerpt of his Nobel Prize acceptance speech is also featured on the bill.  

It’s no surprise then that everyone is talking about the Gabo banknote—especially on social media. Run the search #Gabo and you are likely to find countless posts not only praising the author’s banknote, but also asking how to obtain one.  

Colombia’s new family of banknotes is cause for celebration—proving that the country is ready to cash in on its history to bank on the future.


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