A new journal on behavioral public policy..

Given plethora of economics and public policy journals, one thought a journal on behavioral public policy will already be there. But this one has just started by Cambridge University Press

The first edition was released in May 2017 and looks really promising with articles from who’s and who.

The initiative was was announced in Sep 2016:

Cambridge is delighted to be working with the esteemed Editors George Akerlof, (Georgetown University, USA), Adam Oliver, (London School of Economics, UK) and Cass Sunstein, (Harvard University, USA) on this exciting new project, due to publish its first issue in Spring 2017.

The study of human behaviour has recently taken on growing importance within many disciplinary specialties and the findings from this field have begun to be applied to policy concerns in a substantive and sustained way. Behavioural Public Policy (BPP) will provide a forum for this important research in the form of an interdisciplinary and international peer-reviewed journal devoted to behavioural research and its relevance to public policy.

BPP seeks to be multidisciplinary and therefore welcomes articles from economists, psychologists, philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists, primatologists, evolutionary biologists, legal scholars and others, so long as their work relates the study of human behaviour directly to a policy concern.

BPP Editor, Cass Sunstein, said. “The rise of behavioral science has been the most important development in the social sciences in the last 50 years. It is increasingly having a large impact on public policy, and in nations all over the globe. As editors of this exciting new journal, we hope to provide a wide range of contributions for academics and policymakers alike.”

BPP Editor, Adam Oliver, said “The application of behavioural science to public policy has attracted much attention over the past several years. By including perspectives over a wide range of disciplinary domains, from anthropology to zoology, we hope that this exciting new journal will contribute to, and to some extent shape, the burgeoning field of behavioural public policy”.

Ella Colvin, Director of Publishing, Academic, at Cambridge University Press said, “We are incredibly excited to be launching Behavioural Public Policy with the support of such strong and well-respected Editors as well as a truly interdisciplinary editorial board. We pride ourselves on publishing cutting-edge research with a global relevance and recognise the huge potential to create a leading title to serve the diverse communities interested in behavioural science and policy”

Discover the full Editorial Board here.

Good stuff. Such journals will surely help in mainstreaming behavioral work.

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