Denmark to issue a commemorative coin to mark the golden anniversary of its Queen and Prince

The commemoration coins keep piling up across the world.

The latest to join the race is Denmark which has issued a coin to mark the 50th anniversary of its prince and queen:

To mark the golden wedding anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II and His Royal Highness Prince Henrik on 10 June 2017, Danmarks Nationalbank will issue a commemorative coin.

The coin will be minted as a silver 500-krone coin, a 20-krone circulation coin and a 20-krone coin in a proof version with a very sharply embossed motif.

The commemorative coin features a portrait of the couple, with the Queen and the Prince in three quarter profile, facing each other. Along the rim is a ring with the inscription: H.M. Dronningen og H.K.H. Prinsen (HM the Queen and HRH the Prince). The titles are separated by a heart, the mark of the Royal Danish Mint.

The reverse motif is the joint monogram of the Queen and the Prince. Above it, the date and the years of the wedding and anniversary are shown. Below the monogram is the Mint’s heart, which is also the symbol of love.

Medallist Henrik Wiberg has sculpted the portrait and reproduced the joint monogram.

The coins are legal tender and can be exchanged at Danmarks Nationalbank at face value.  All versions of the commemorative coin will be on sale from 7 June 2017 from Danmarks Nationalbank, from the Royal Danish Mint’s webshop and from certain banks.

Though, as pointed earlier Denmark has outsourced minting business to Finland and is in the process to outsource printing notes as well, So will Finland print this commemorative coin for the Highnesses as well?


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