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The secret history of the world’s priciest spice: Saffron..

June 8, 2017

Spices obviously play a huge role for any history student.

Interesting piece by April Fulton in National Geographic website on saffron, the most expensive spice.

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world­, going for up to $16 per gram—and with good reason. It comes from the dried bright orange-red stigmas of the flower Crocus sativus.

But before you go digging up your spring crocus, know that this variety is special because it’s a triploid: it can’t grow in the wild or reproduce without human intervention. The gorgeous purple flower is painstakingly propagated and harvested by hand, and only on the morning it blooms. The more careful the cultivation, the higher the price.

Iran produces 85 percent of the world’s saffron, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, thanks to its relatively dry, sunny climate and the agricultural knowledge passed down through generations of farmers. It likely was first discovered in Bronze Age Greece, yet it now grows throughout Europe and Asia.

Saffron is as old as time. Cleopatra was said to bathe in saffron-infused mare’s milk before seeing a suitor. “Saffron was used to dye the woolen bolero jackets worn by Minoan women; also in cosmetics, where it was mixed with red ochre, tallow, and beeswax to make lipstick,” says John O’Connell in The Book of Spice: From Anise to Zedoary. Medieval monks found that mixing a primitive glue of egg whites and saffron created a yellow glaze that could stand in for gold in the production of their manuscripts.

And I dare you to make a Spanish paella or a Persian pilau without the metallic zing and dayglow yellow punch of saffron. Same for dozens of styles of fish stew, yeasted rolls, cakes, and pies found around the world.


The noise over rift between FinMin and RBI starts yet again…

June 8, 2017

Central Bank independence crowd again smells blood. RBI’s statement yesterday  was just the perfect recipe to ignite the fire.

The Government had asked RBI MPC to meet a team of Finance Minstry officials headed by Chief Economic Adviser. But in the MPC media meeting yesterday, RBI revealed all members refused to meet the Finance Ministry!

And we knew what will happen next. There are so many reports in media today over the rift between the two entities. Sample this:


How Merriam-Webster became the star of Twitter

June 8, 2017

Nice piece on how Trump administration has made the dictionary interesting and so relevant:

With its witty and pointed social media presence, Merriam-Webster has stepped in to helpfully guide its more than half a million Twitter followers through the lingual landmine in which we currently find ourselves.


How an African history scholar’s work led to groundbreaking lawsuit against the British government

June 8, 2017

A great article for those who believe history is just for history sake.

It tells the story of Prof Caroline M. Elkins of HBS whose doctoral work on colonial-era African history just opened a pandora box.


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