La Decimas: Vamos Rafa..

What a comeback from Rafa and gives me goose pimples as I blog about this. What a player. No words are enough. How he has survived all odds to emerge as a top player is just one story.

Here is a tribute from the top players and this one from Jim Courier sums it up:

“One of Nadal’s strengths is that he’s so humble, that he’s surprised at what he has achieved, and that he has never bought into his own greatness. He’s always felt as though he has to earn everything, on a match-to-match, and point-to-point, basis. That’s one of the marks of his genius, that he’s convinced himself that he can’t rest on his laurels. He’s only ever lost one best-of-five-set match on red clay. And that’s because he makes things so physical. It’s already a big enough challenge to beat Nadal over three sets on clay, but trying to do it over five sets is the biggest challenge in the history of men’s tennis.”
– JIM COURIER, winner of four Grand Slams including Roland-Garros 1991 and 1992
 The respect he has for his opposition and always underplaying himself makes him look so human and real..

One Response to “La Decimas: Vamos Rafa..”

  1. athreya Says:

    Brilliant. I came here to read some economics posts and then saw this. You Sir have proven yourself to be a top man!

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